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waitingAside from our newsletter, we frequently find ourselves without the time to update our website. Many time an entire litter has been born and found homes without ever making it onto our website. One of the ways this is possible is our newsletter, the other is our waiting list. If you’d like to have you name on a first contact list, take a few moments to fill out the form below.

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Puppy Mills & Brokers- People think of puppy mills as places where hundreds of puppies are born, kept in filthy conditions, and then shipped out to the first available buyer. Most often, that’s the case. But whether a particular property is home to a few litters, or a few dozen litters, is a moot question. A puppy mill is any situation where the breeder cares more about the profit than the puppies! Pets are contained in horrible conditions, where they share everything, even their illnesses. Pet stores & Brokers often have dogs that come from puppy mills, and irresponsible breeders; although the cost may be more appealing, please understand you get what you pay for. A lot of time and dedication goes into what we do as you can tell our dogs are our pride and joy!