Triple Champion Legacy & XL Champion Pharaoh


Triple Champion CA UWP Legacy CGC TT


XL Champion Pharaoh

champage purple tri breeding champagne kennels pupppies for sale tri puppies xl tri puppies

Breeding Scheduled to Take Place July 2015

1st PickChampagne KennelsChampagne Kennels
2nd Pick$6,oooSold Rodney
3rd Pick$5,5ooSold Ashley
4th Pick$5,ooo- Pending$5,ooo
We are very excited for this upcoming breeding! Legacy’s last litter of 10 produced BEAUTIFULLY! We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

Based on her previous breeding we fully expect to see champagne puppies, champagne tri puppies as well as some blue tri puppies!

Once the puppies are born we will of course start rolling our LIVE PUPPY CAMERAS! You can log in and enjoy live feeds of our whelping area, view weigh ins, feedings and watch the outdoor puppy play area when they are old enough to leave the whelping box. Witness first hand the time, care, love and dedication CHampagne Kennels commits to. Fully transparency into the environment your puppy is being raised in. Round the clock, top quality care in a safe loving a CLEAN environment, a priceless sense of relief!

 Nichole Rupert
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Dark Green Female

Orange Puppy Female

Pink Puppy Female

Purple Puppy Female

White Puppy Female

Yellow Puppy Female


Beige Male

Brown Puppy Male

Green Puppy Male

Blue Puppy Male


*You can play multiple cameras at once.  Also some of our viewers have mentioned they cannot see they cannot see the whole video when viewing from a mobile device, the simplest solution is to physically turn your device until we can resolve the auto sizing issue on mobile devices.For larger viewing and higher resolution continue to scroll down to our full size frames. Enjoy!

Here you can watch your puppy born on Live Webcam and delight in your baby’s development into a healthy, happy puppy until you welcome it
into your loving arms. No other breeder will invite you to see your puppy 24/7. It’s important that you know how your puppy was raised and socialized…not just by what you are told but by what you can see with your own eyes. The puppies are only sold to pre-approved homes. They are never, ever sold to pet stores or puppy brokers!

 *Tune in daily 9am & 9 pm on CAMERA 2 for puppy weighing and close ups*

Want to chat with us or other viewers? Wish you could have us zoom in a bit more on a certain puppy? Here you can-

*Chat feature is not available on mobile devices*

 Nichole Rupert
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Full Resolution Filmed and Broadcast in 1080p
 Camera 1