Nichole and Scott Rupert of CHampagne Kennels opened their arms to my family and lead us into the world we now love. Our puppy came to my family with amazing temperament and training. We sat and talked thoroughly about what it meant to own and care for this dog and the love and compassion was there. All the details of the dog, the health, vitamins, food, and grooming, it wasn’t just facts that she looked up, its the lifestyle that she chooses to follow for the love of her own dogs. We spent days via phone making arrangements, answering my millions of questions and concerns. I visited CHampagne kennels twice before taking our puppy home once with my two young Daughters, and the second to bring her home. On our second visit we sat down and went over pages of contracts went through current schedules, a mini training session hours spent making sure I was  happy and confident. I left with a packet of paperwork, a full medical work up and pictures from our new baby’s life up until now, a crate food and vitamin samples everything including a blanket to make her first night less stressful. AMAZING feeling leaving knowing I had made the RIGHT decision with the RIGHT people.  Our first dog show, May 31st, I was not planning on showing my new puppy. But words of encouragement and help tips on stacking and handling my puppy actually took home 3  wins. The atmosphere was amazing and again… The LOVE and COMPASSION is there!

Laura, Cody , Haylee & Ayva

CHampagne Kennels, Scott and Nichole have  been a tremendous help and support. So its no surprise when we started looking into a stud for our female we reached out to her for some direction on where to start and people she could personally recommend from past business (20 yrs is a long time they know EVERYONE) She of course obliged. Weeks later we had made the decision to to buy our own male pup to raise and title for our foundation stud and again went back to CHampagne kennels. The puppy we chose came to us @ 15weeks. He was the perfect compliment to not only our goals but for our family. Nichole knew right away the right “fit” and personalty for us. Our new boy came to us completely crate trained almost completely house broken, eager to please and healthy as a horse, including every vet visit including printed receipts. No expense was spared on our boy, what a comforting feeling! I gladly refer everyone to CHampagne kennels, not just for dogs/puppies but for anything they may need. as busy as they are they always find the time to give back! Thank you guys for everything.

The Biggs Family

Nichole is one incredible person, I’ve never met someone who’s more caring, positive and willing to help anyone out.  When I first met Nichole I was kinda taking a break from the show world because of politics and such. She took time out of her busy schedule to talk some sense back into me and I finally got back into the ring and I don’t regret doing it. Nichole took the time to have Skype sessions with me so I could practice stacking to fix minor things I was doing wrong. Doing that helped me a ton! Nothing but positivity radiates from Nichole and she has always been just a phone call away if I needed any advice or help with my dogs or anything in general. She has been the one person I can go to for any question and as of lately she has been helping me research some pedigrees. Nichole is VERY knowledgeable about her passion and I would recommend CHampagne Kennels to anyone who wants top quality dogs. Thank you Nichole for everything!  Can’t wait for what the future holds!

Thank You for EVERYTHING, Ashley S.

We would like to take a moment to thank Champagne Kennels for their time, support and help during our hardship last year, when we had a house fire that  destroyed 90% of our belongings. Nicole and Scott and the entire bully community came together during our time of need. Champagne Kennels put in many hours, gathering donations, organizing raffles at dog shows, collecting bags of donations from various sources and brought them to us when needed. We can’t thank you all enough for the acts of kindness bestowed upon our family. It’s almost been a year and I still tear up remembering the heartfelt blessings that were there when we really needed them. I can’t say thank you enough. We are extremely grateful and humbled still to this day. God blessed us with great ppl for sure. Thank You all!

Sincerely, Resurrection Bullies and Family

You guys are my definition of bully family. For me you guys have done it all for me with no hesitation from answering all my questions and even teaching me about making a kennel name. I have so many specific situations you guys helped me on from building stack boxes, food tips training tips, and my favorite was last year in Orlando at jessi show when Ron Ramos was there I was so nervous that deja wouldn’t perform and you gave me the secret ingredient that I still use to this day and took deja all the way to championship status without you guys support who knows how far we would have gotten as a kennel. We owe a lot to you guys and I’m truly thankful to call y’all my bully fam :-)★☆★☆★

Tone, Duval Bullies