Legacy X El Cucuy


Triple Champion CA UWP Legacy x El Cucuy babies were born!

print CHampagne Legacy03/22/2015- 4:30pmTop Dog Bullies El Cucy

6 Girls 4 Boys
Champagne Purple Lilac Tri’s Avail.

Camera will not pickup the shading of the tri’s this early as they get older their marking will become more established.

A special thank you again to Ali, from TopDogBullies.com for this breeding. If consistency is key… we nailed it!

04/03/2015 Eyes are starting to open! They are also starting to get their legs up under them as well, the live puppy cams are about to start getting really adorable and terribly addicting!

 Nichole Rupert
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Dark Green Female

Orange Puppy Female

Pink Puppy Female

Purple Puppy Female

White Puppy Female

Yellow Puppy Female


Beige Male

Brown Puppy Male

Green Puppy Male

Blue Puppy Male


*You can play multiple cameras at once.  Also some of our viewers have mentioned they cannot see they cannot see the whole video when viewing from a mobile device, the simplest solution is to physically turn your device until we can resolve the auto sizing issue on mobile devices.For larger viewing and higher resolution continue to scroll down to our full size frames. Enjoy!

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