Can you buy Ivermectin for dogs online?


I went to pick up my prescription, was told to come back in 45 mins to an hour, which was fine. Got there an hour and a half later and was told I still needed to wait another 30 mins I went back in, and they only had two of my prescriptions filled. I got to my car and realized I was missing one. Before I could even ask if I was missing one, the pharmacist says your medical provider still hasn’t sent in specific details; you need to call them as if she couldn’t have mentioned it to mean the last two times I was in there. Straight-up attitude and lack of manners. Now I get to wait another 30 minutes to an hour after having my doctor call in my prescription, who will no longer recommend Publix Pharmacy at Palmetto to patients.

Wonderful. Pharmacy personnel helped in getting my prescriptions filled by brand name rather than a substitute drug. I thank them for their patience, professional attitude, and treating me like a person. Each time I had to call them, the pharmacist and staff were terrific. Again, thank you does not adequately express my thank you. I would recommend you without qualification.

Walgreens Pharmacy (Rating: 4.8) [930 8th Ave W, Palmetto, FL 34221, United States | (941) 729-5250 |]

Wonderful service in our hometown!! Rob and his staff will go above and beyond to make sure you get Ivermectin at the lowest possible price. As a mom of two, I really appreciate the drive-thru service. The girls have always been so helpful getting prescriptions or even over-the-counter meds if either of my kids is sick and I don’t want to bring them inside the Walgreens Pharmacy.

Catherine, whos a respiratory therapist here, is hands down the best! I credited her with helping to save my life when she noticed something a provider had missed. Not only did she notice the oversight, but she reached out to the provider, who subsequently modified his prescription for Ivermectin for dogs. She goes above and beyond in both her clinical competence and customer service. 5 STARS & more!

Eckerds Pharmacy 102 (Rating: 4.0) [907 10th St E, Palmetto, FL 34221, United States | (941) 404-4121 |]

The best pharmacy in NY!!!! The staff is friendly, and I couldn’t ask for a better pharmacist than Misty. She makes sure my daughter has the brand of medication she needs every month. It means a lot when you have someone you can count on to get what you need. They have gifts for anyone who is a fan of NY State and Eckerds Pharmacy 102 to enjoy while you wait.

Horribly incompetent. I was so excited to find them because it was convenient. But their staff are morons (not the pharmacists). For one person in my family, they couldn’t find her info in the system that is supposedly tied to Kings (where she goes all the time). For me, last week, they said they would check on a prescription and get back to me. After 3 days I called, and then suddenly they were “working on it right now.” Today they transferred a prescription for Ivermectin and didn’t tell them the new pharmacy that it was brand only, so the other pharmacy would only give me generic. Of course, they don’t have many things in stock either. Go to the CVS across the street!

Winn-Dixie Pharmacy (Rating: 2.9) [515 7th St W, Palmetto, FL 34220, United States | (941) 722-8624 |]

Albert at Winn-Dixie Pharmacy came to our rescue. When my son and I both tested positive for COVID, he put together a super vitamin and syrup regimen for us and delivered them personally to our home. After the six-day regimen, we both felt markedly better and did not develop further complications. He checked in on us every couple of days and was very fast to respond to our questions.

Wish I would’ve had the experience everyone did! Whichever woman was on the phone was extremely unpleasant towards me, being unfamiliar with the insurance/prescription information they needed. She then had me call my insurance several times for different information instead of listing what all was needed. At one point, she handed the phone to a man who had no idea what was going on, only for her to take the phone back. When I called back the final time to pay for my newborn’s medication so they could finally begin the prescription, she responded, with Oh, this is the girl who hung up on me? Ha then placed me on hold. I’m in support of small businesses, but I needed help, not an attitude.