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legacy pup logoEvery year we breed few private litters for OUR future breeding program and to show our offspring’s on the world’s stage. All of our puppies are bred with this goal in mind and are the most PROMISING of our BREEDING PROGRAM for this purpose. We EXCLUSIVELY breed for ourselves and our passion, all of our breedings are planned out years in advance, with that in mind most of our puppies are spoken for and go to homes on under a breeding or co-ownership contract, and we also maintain a revolving waiting list. If you’re interested in a puppy off an adult we strongly encourage you to contact us about our puppy policies, and to explore the information we have available on the site, puppies are priced according to the breeding, potential of the individual puppy, as well as the type of home and contract options chosen as we do not sell “picks”. We here at Champagne Kennels, feel that puppy prices based on “picks” is all around limiting. For a clear understanding of our puppy placement policy and procedure, how and why it works, please visit Champagne Kennels P.P.P.P page, Puppy Placement, Practices, Policies and Procedures.

We take great time and care into planning these breedings, pairing only proven Sires and Dams, to learn more of what qualifies one of our dogs as PROVEN BREEDING STOCK, visit “Our Dogs” page, we place these high standards on ourselves in our breeding program to give us and you, your new puppy SELECTION the BEST show/breeding advantages possible!

IMG_5563 logoIf you’re interested IN BREEDING AND/OR SHOWING YOUR PUPPY or DOG IN THE SHOW RING, AS WELL AS ENJOYING THE MANY REWARDS OF PERFORMANCE BASED SPORTS the litters below offer the best selection and option for this objective, the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully  “Show Puppy”. The breedings paired below meet all the requirements for your puppies success in the show ring and in any arena, WORLDWIDE!

You can be sure that Champagne Kennels puppies are beautiful, reliable in temperament, highly intelligent, powerful, strong, sound structure, with steady nerves, safe in nature, with performance ability. Champagne Kennels American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully puppies for sale are truly the best! We breed with the highest standard, TOP level breeding with TOP care and expertise.

Our Champagne Kennels PUREBRED puppies come with great dispositions, social behaviors, and the beauty to compete in any arena worldwide.

At Champagne Kennels in Florida cbd store our priority is in our dogs, breeding this magnificent breed is a privilege and an honor. Breeding American Pit Bull Terriers, American Bullies is not just a hobby for us. It is our “passion”, a commitment of excellence, perfection to you and to our dogs, with knowledge, expertise, and a dedication that starts with us, the breeder and our breeding stock of superior American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully males and females. We believe in our breeding program, you should too! If you’re a customer of ours raise your hand, If not raise your standards!


Upcoming Breedings | Current Breedings