Breed overviews- Tables showing an overview of the colour genes in each breed


Overview of the Colour Genes in Dog Breeds

I am often asked whether a particular allele occurs in a breed, so here I have put together tables showing an overview of which breeds carry which alleles. These alleles do not necessarily result in acceptable phenotypes for the show ring, but if they are known to occur with reasonable frequency then I have included them. Wherever possible I have included photographs of the colours – just click to view these.

I am not an expert on any particular breed and I have put these pages together just based on quick research, so please note that the tables may not be 100% accurate. If you have any corrections or any photos that I can use then please don’t hesistate to e-mail me.

I have also not been able to include every dog breed here – although I have done my best to include as many as possible. If your breed is missing and you would like it to be added then please let me know.


-Molossers- – coming soon

-Herding/Pastoral- – coming soon

-Scenthounds- – coming soon

-Sighthounds- – coming soon

-Spitze- – coming soon

-Terriers- – coming soon

-Toy and Utility/Non-Sporting- – coming soon

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