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The cashier is extremely rude. I’m not covered at the time. So I use a discount card for the Viagra pills I NEED. She was frustrated that she had no idea how to input it. I’m talking about sighing & moaning, yea I guess responses. EXTREMELY RUDE. Sorry, you have a line. Sorry, it’s taking 20 min for you to handle this transaction. (Never once did you ask me two steps aside while it processes or nothing). Sorry, I need my little 3 dollars. Not sorry. You have obviously no customer service. Maybe you should be in the back. Because however, the other people that work in the pharmacy at Winn-Dixie off Chaffee rd are EXTREMELY GREAT!! Next time I’m going to buy it online.

Galaxy Pharmacy (Rating: 4.5) | 534 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127, United States | (617) 268-0800

They sent me a text my order was ready to go down there, and they told me it’s not only not ready, but they didn’t even have Viagra. Last week, my Dr. sent in an Rx at 4 pm. I called them at 4:55 pm said they were working on it. Granted, they have to out it thru Ins. Then counted the pills and double-checked again with the pharmacist, but my Rx was for only eight drugs. So-called again at 5:20 pm said they were working on it. So I said to the pharmacy tech, that’s what you told me 20 minutes ago, and it’s only eight pills, and my son is driving there right now to pick it up for me, and he’ll be there in 5 minutes So, it took them about an hr. and a half to fill my RX. And that City Rexall Drugs is never busy. But it beats the Walgreens .2 miles from me. They are so busy if you call, you will be put on hold for 10-15 minutes. I went in there a few months ago bc they texted me my Rx was ready. I go there, and the tech says no, it is not ready bc it needed prior authorization by the Dr., So another more experienced tech sees I’m really pissed of and says, hold on check,s the computer and says it IS ready, and it was. Also, at that location, if a tech who is handling the pickup register decides to go on their break there, us nobody to replace them. So you wait in line, like 20 minutes. OUR ENTIRE HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY IN THIS COUNTRY SUCKS. LAST YEAR I WENT TO ER AND. TOLD THEIR TRIAGE NURSE MY STORY ABD MY PAIN LEVEL WAS A 10. I WAITED 16 HOURS. ABD BC, THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE FROM THAT NURSE CAUSED ME TO HAVE EMERGENCY SURGERY. MY ANSWER IS STAT HEALTHY BC IT’S GONNA GET WORSE IF THE CURRENT REGIME STAYS IN POWER, AND I’M NOT KIDDING.

The staff at this Galaxy Pharmacy pharmacy are very experienced and helpful. And this is the only pharmacy that has non-safety bottles and lids that are not combinations lids like the ones that are used at Walmart and Walgreen’s Pharmacies, So if you have problems with trying to get the safety lids off and don’t have children go to these pharmacies and get flip-top medicine bottles. Thanks, Sherry.

PharmaLuxe Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) | 50 John Eliot Square, Boston, MA 02119, United States | (617) 238-5224

PharmaLuxe Pharmacy always has professional and excellent customer service. Thanks, Chris, for always being friendly and professional!

I had to get Viagra. The wait was about average for a pharmacy. They had seating. No big issue, my insurance won’t pay for it, but that’s not their fault. Nice staff on this visit. It was not bad. The gentleman that assisted me made sure I didn’t wait too long. I appreciate that, especially since I had my two kids with me. I disliked the parking situation, but again, the service I received was good.

Whittier Health Pharmacy (Rating: 3.1) | 1290 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02120, United States | (617) 541-6846

I have been there twice, and nothing went wrong. I have to change the above comment/score because they gave me Viagra pills that expire in 1 month. Ordered on 7.11 picked up in a week, and all of them expire on 8.31. End up having to order at Whittier Health Pharmacy again. Going to transfer to another pharmacy.

This place has gone downhill! They keep messing up. They never answer their phone or keep you waiting for more than 30 min and still can’t get them to get it right! Very unprofessional!! I will no longer do business with them!

ViaQX Pharmacy (Rating: 4.1) | 301 Falls Blvd, Quincy, MA 02169, United States | (617) 745-4393

I’m guessing Katrina, the pharmacy tech is very friendly and extremely courteous to the clients who utilize their delivery service. This is the ONLY pharmacy in town that I’ve found who delivers your orders when ready… and doesn’t charge a delivery fee. I’m so glad I discovered ViaQX and can now stop going to Walmart for my medications. Thank you, Katrina! Your always present smile brightens my day!

Probably a great place to go to if you want to buy meds. As far as a general-type drug store, they stock the most basic of over-the-counter medications, not much in the way of any other items you may expect to find at a big box chain drug store.