Mar 052015

this past weekend we had a wonderful visit from a great friend of mine, Ali of Top Dog Bullies! We spent the morning with the dogs and the afternoon in the city, a wonderful visit no doubt! Imagine my surprise when Monday morning with a phone call from Mrs. Ali telling me to check out the picture she took and posted of our own Champagne Legend during her visit!


xxl pitbull american bully ace topdogbulliesxxl pitbull daddy legend


AN ACE CLONE!!  I would never be so boisterous to make a statement like that… But as owner and producer of these two FINE specimens… Ali most certainly can! My jaw literally hung open when I saw them! All his life he looked SO MUCH like shorty (another one of Ace’s son’s) but I couldnt believe, nor deny the resemblance. Top Dog Bullies Show Stoppin ace picture Left at 3 yrs old, and our own CHampagne Legend picture right at 13 months old! I am more excited than EVER to see how he finishes out. he still has so much growing to do!

To my dear friend and mentor, Mrs. Ali of Top Dog Bullies…. wow girl, theres doing it, and there’s DOING IT RIGHT! Thank you for trusting me to raise this boy.

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