Adults For Sale



Not every home has the time, patience or energy to raise a puppy but would love the companionship of a dog. Occasionally, CHampagne Kennels has young adults or adult dogs for sale or for adoption. Bringing an adult dog into your home can be risky and could end with disastrous results. The person or breeder that is selling/rehoming the dog must have first-hand knowledge of the dogs behavior, family values and overall history profile, including health and TEMPERAMENT. We are the owner/s or we have partners in ownership with these magnificent dogs from the age of puppy-hood. These are our personal dogs. We are proud of our dogs and our description profile of each dog come from first-hand knowledge of owning and raising our puppies into “SUPER” SHOW class, family FIRST, CHampagne Kennels trademark.

Remember these dogs have been with us since birth, they’ve been trained, socialized, passed all of our personal standards for manners, obedience temperament and patience.  Our home and our lifestyle demands a lot more than a “normal” home with far less tolerance for unwanted or unwelcome behaviors. We carefully screen and scrutinize young adult and adult placements. The match has to be perfect and the process is thorough, We take an extremely hands on approach when selling or placing our loved ones.We believe in our breeding program, you should too! If you’re a customer of ours raise your hand, If not raise your standards!